This is the only video of the GAS II meeting held at the Penland School in NC, 1972. We had been invited the year before to have our first meeting there by Bill Brown the director of Penland. That meeting was so successful that we decided to have another meeting the next year. It was the early days of the glass renaissance in the U.S. and there were only a handful of us making glass. Most of us had been students at the U. of Wisconsin having studied with Harvey Littleton. We did not know all that much about blowing glass so we thought that if we got together we could help each other with techniques we had learned during the year. That in a nutshell is the basic reason we started the Glass Art Society. Fritz Dreisbach coined the name Glass Art Society for obvious reasons. Dave Jacobs, now deceased, was not a glass artist but owned Paoli Clay Company in Bellville Wisconsin just down the road from Madison. He sold us the tools we needed for our schools and studios. He is most remembered though for the giant wedge of Wisconsin Cheese he brought to those early meetings. He can be seen near the end of the video standing by his panel truck smoking a cigarette. Those sure were heady days. Our involvement in learning all we could about blowing and melting glass was pretty intense. Remember, you couldn’t buy a furnace, glory hole or annealing oven, we built it all and as the song says "…with a little help from our friends". There is of course a lot more to the story of early GAS and glass but this is not the place for it. Hopefully this jiggly underexposed film will give you a bit of what it was like in those early days.