The Glassblowing Studio
Fritz Dreisbach
This pamphlet was written and illustrated by Fritz Dreisbach for an NCECA (n-seek-a) (National Council for Education in the Ceramic Arts) panel, April 1970. It should be noted that it was written prior to the founding of GAS. It was prepared for the super glass presentation panel at the CCAC (California College of Arts and Crafts) now known as the California College of Art and Design, technical committee. Reading closely at the heading it also tells us “With the physical and spiritual inspiration of many other friends of glass and glass art”.
This document along with Dudley’s were the first illustrated informational documents written for the studio glass artist. This document more than any other gives a great overview, complete with detailed illustrations, of what the "cutting edge" studio was like at that time in our history. At the time there were a number of us building studios, or about too, within the university system and this document became a sort of template for us. For me it was a wealth of information and helped me build the Kent studio. If there was anything I did not understand I would drive to Toledo and ask Fritz to explain the finer points of either the furnace, burner or the annealer. This is the complete document as provided to me by Fritz. If you want your own copy of this historical document click the link below.
Please Note: The information in Fritz's document is outdated and should not to be used in building a studio unless you want to go back in time.
The file is a .zip file and you may need to double click it to unzip it.