Stand By Me and a Few Other Tunes

The song Stand By Me has been one of my favorites from the first time I heard Ben. E. King sing it many many years ago. Some time ago I came upon the Peace Through Music Page with the featured song being SBM. I was totally captivated by the arrangement and the complex editing. After a bit I started to look for other covers of the song and this page emerged. The various versions found here do justice (more or less) to the spirit of the song. You may differ on your opinion but I think all are worth a listen.

I'm not sure if you can stand listening to all these versions in one sitting but you never know. So if you have nothing better to do and need a break from the studio start clicking. I don't think Ben E. King knew his song would reach the heights it has.

There are many YouTube versions available besides the ones I've posted and they run the gamut from a guy in his bedroom, Lady Gaga, through Lennon and others up to and including guys singing on the NY subway as recorded with a cell phone. I hope you enjoy the tunes and oh yes, the last few tunes are not Stand By Me but some good tunes nonetheless. There are two versions of "Stay With me Baby." IMHO the definitive version of this tune is the one by Lorraine Ellison. The news of the death of Phil Everly prompted me to post this version of "Why Worry" written by Mark Knopfler for the Everly Brothers with Knopfler and Chet Atkins playing backup.

If you haven't seen a movie called Pirate Radio I would recommend you do. The film is filled with all the music I love. I had to also include Lennon's song "Imagine" also from Playing for Change. Just one really beautiful song.