Below are some, but not all, of the colleges, universities, and other places to study glass that have glass as either a major within their school of art or have quality public access courses. The list also includes institutions in other countries. The information below the school name is info gleaned from their web site. Links are provided to their web sites. If you know of a school that offers a degree with a glass major that is not included in this list please let me know and I will be happy to add it. There are a few schools that are not included in this listing as I found their web site totally incoherent. If you know of a degree granting institution not on this list and can send me a link to their glass home page please do and I will include them in this listing. I have tried to maintain up-to-date links but some schools have very obscure web sites that defy all logic. After awhile one just gives up.

If you want to see the location of these schools on a map click this link

Academy of Applied Art

The glass studio at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design wants to keep the best of the tradition established by professors Kaplický, Libenský and Kopecký. Glass is a unique and lively material with a significant impact of coincidence and surprise.

Prague, Czech Republic

Alberta College of Art & Design

The Glass major at ACAD encourages the integration of various aspects of glass working into developing a studio practice for each student.

Alberta, Canada

Alfred University

Alfred has one of the oldest and largest glass programs in the United States.

Alfred, New York

Anderson University

As a Fine Arts Glass major at Anderson University, you will learn how to generate ideas for art and design by exploring the potential of glass as a medium.

Anderson, Indiana

Appalachian Center for Crafts

The Appalachian Center for Craft’s glass program offers an exceptional opportunity for BFA degree and Craft Certificate-seeking students to work and learn in a professionally equipped studio.

Smithville, Tennessee

Bowling Green State University

The glass program offers both undergraduate and graduate studies. Students will acquire the skills to manipulate glass, exploring traditional techniques, as well as contemporary directions.

Bowling Green, Ohio

Canberra School of Art

The Glass Workshop provides courses and facilities comparable with the best glass teaching institutions world wide.

Canberra, Australia

California College of Art & Design

The multidisciplinary curriculum of the Glass Program couples a vigorous foundation in craft with concept-oriented projects.

Oakland, California

California State University

The glass area is a specialization within the fine arts program, and aims to provide art studio majors with a full range of glassworking skills and media specific instruction.

Chico, California

Cleveland Institute of Art

During the past half century, the studio glass movement of the 1960s has bridged the gap between individual artists and craftsmen making one-of-a-kind sculptures to creating handmade functional glass objects.

Cleveland, Ohio

The Corning Museum of Glass

The Studio is an internationally renowned teaching facility that offers glassmaking classes for a variety of skill levels and techniques.

Corning, New York

University of Edinburgh

Glass remains a seductive medium – as exciting in the 21st century as it was in the ancient world.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Glass Axis

What began as a traveling hot shop over 20 years ago has become a 10,000 square feet non-profit glass art studio, with over 100 members, a gallery, and a mission dedicated to teaching and education.

Columbus, Ohio

U. of Hawaii

The objectives of the glass program are to provide thorough training on the undergraduate and graduate levels in the development of the students' technical skills for the manipulation of glass in both the 'hot' and 'cold' states.

Manoa, Honolulu

Haystack School

Developing new ideas and new ways of seeing are central to Haystack’s mission.

Deer Isle, Maine

Illinois State University

A concentration in Glass, involves committing a large block of time that will be devoted to the development of a clear personal "vision", a sense of intention, and a basic "facility" in a wide range of material manipulation techniques.

Bloomington/Normal, Illinois

Jacksonville University

The glass program teaches many aspects of technical processes in glass forming. These include glassblowing, various kiln-forming techniques and some cold-working applications.

Jacksonville, Florida

Kent State University

The Glass program at Kent State University recognizes and values the traditions of glass throughout history, including both historical and contemporary achievements.

Kent, Ohio

Konstfack University

The Master's Group Ceramics and Glass starts from the students’ projects and activities and has its base in the production of crafts from a practical and professional stance.

Stockholm, Sweden

Massachusetts College of Art

The glass program introduces students to technical processes such as glassblowing, hot pour casting, and cold glass fabrication, as well as kiln-related processes such as fusing, slumping, and casting.

Boston, Massachusetts

North Lands Creative Glass

North Lands is a place for glass artists but also painters, sculptors, architects and designers wishing to explore the technical and artistic potential of glass either on its own or in combination with other materials.

Lybster, Scotland

Ohio State University

The Glass Program operates one of the most comprehensive studio glass facilities in the United States and offers a broad art training, coupled with a focus in glass practice.

Columbus, Ohio

Penland School

Penland School of Crafts is a national center for craft education dedicated to helping people live creative lives. Located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

Penland, North Carolina

Pittsburgh Glass Center

Whether you're an artist working in another medium, a collector, a college student, or just someone fascinated by glass, we've got something for you!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

U. of Miami

The glass facility at UM was established in 1985 as part of the ceramics area and has become a vital part of the 3d area.

Miami, Florida


Dedicated to furthering the development of glass in contemporary art, RISD's Glass Department is widely regarded as a leader in preparing artists for careers in this field.

Providence, Rhode Island

Salem Community College

The curriculum provides students with a carefully planned program of study that focuses on exploring contemporary applied craft and design practice, the acquisition of traditional hand skills in varied glassmaking techniques.

Salem, New Jersey


We strive to foster effective artistic expression along the entire continuum from utilitarian craft to sculpture, and believe this requires an equal commitment to both idea and technique.

Rochester, New York

Sheridan College

Our glass design and glass blowing courses are rooted in hands-on practice, and they nurture conceptual artistry side by side with technical skills.

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Southern Illinois University

Glass is considered to be both an artist’s material as well as a craft discipline with a complex history and tremendous expressive potential.

Carbondale, Illinois

Sydney College of the Arts

The first University to offer Glass in Australia, the Sydney College of the Arts, Glass Studio is internationally recognized for its progressive approach to the education of artists/designers who work with glass and other media.

Sydney, Australia

Tama Art University

In the Glass Course, students seek new formal possibilities by exploring the relationship between self-expression and the special characteristics of glass.

Tokyo, Japan

U. of Texas at Arlington

The program in Glass allows students the opportunity to explore the sculptural, conceptual and functional aesthetics of glass as an artistic media. A variety of traditional, contemporary and experimental glass working techniques are examined and utilized in the challenging course work.

Arlington, Texas

Tulane University

The Tulane/Newcomb Glass Art program is dedicated to the use of glass as a medium of artistic expression.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Tyler School of the Arts

The glass facilities at Tyler are excellent resources for your artistic and technical development.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Glass Studies provides an environment that promotes the growth and nurturing of young Artists, Designers, and Artisans.

Richmond, Virginia

U. of Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has the oldest full-time university glass program in the United States.

Madison Wisconsin

U. of Wolverhampton

The Glass Program stresses excellence in the individual strengths of young Artists, Designers, and Crafts people.

Wolverhampton, Great Britain

Wheaton Village

The Creative Glass Center of America offers fellowships to artists working in glass and has serviced glass artists and the arts community for twenty-two years.

Millville, New Jersey

Urban Glass

Classes at UrbanGlass offer students of all ages the opportunity to explore the endless possibilities of glass. Educational programming includes everything from classes for teens to master classes for professional artists. Weekly classes, week-long intensives, and two-day workshops make learning at UrbanGlass available to students of all levels and interests.

Brooklyn, NY

Chicago Hot Glass

With the guidance of our professional artists, students will be introduced to the world of glassblowing. A wide variety of color is available to decorate and personalize your very own glass object. Learn what it's like to be a real glassblower. You will get to work with the tools, feel the heat and create your own unique work of art.

Chicago, IL

Toledo Museum of Glass School

The TMA Glass Pavilion offers a variety of opportunities to experience the art of making glass objects. Try different techniques and projects that suit your interests and skills. Adults and teens 14 and up can participate in these glassmaking activities.

Toledo, OH